Starting out

This is going to be a blog where I chronicle my development thoughts and learnings. I began keeping a lab notebook on my laptop of all of the things I do programming related and things I learn through the going-ons. I feel like this blog is a natural progression of this note keeping where I am forced to formalize and properly dictate what I have learned (keeps me honest and accountable in my learnings). It is also a good way to give back to a community where I learn a lot from on a very regular basis.

So with Jekyll and Github pages, it is a pretty painless system to get up and running. The restrictions on how Github hosts the files (no plugins, capabilities of vanilla Jekyll, etc) allow for me to try and flex my problem solving skills. I am using CDNs and Google fonts to serve the common files (versus the old school of just putting it onto your own box). I tried to make the layout simple (programmer simple) and also responsive. Right now most of the stuff is pretty tossed together, but I hope in the next few weeks (read: months) to complete everything to a satisfactory level (this includes creating a gh-pages branch for all of my main projects).

Hopefully I can improve my writing (I can already tell it is more rambling than writing). I also hope to write regularly (time permitting).